Color Butter Red

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What do you get when you put butter on a flame? A delicious dish that’s meltingly gorgeous. This deeply moisturizing-yet-weightless hair treatment—it actually chills out damaged cuticles and makes hair 44 percent less prone to breakage–is uniquely stocked with rich red pigment from our Color Intensity line, so it’s the perfect choice to refresh your corresponding Red or Ruby Red shade in just minutes. Haven’t yet dabbled in color? Then, use Color Butter Red to heat up blonde or pre-lightened hair in the salon with a vibrant tone; or mix and match shades to your heart’s content. (No big commitment necessary, since it refreshes for up to ten shampoos.)

Perfect choice for: Redheads who want to extend the life of their gingery shade with at-home ease or want to bump up their current red color service; plus blonde or pre-lightened hair that’s ready for some professionally applied no-commitment color.

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