Color Endure Litre Bundle

Size: 2 x 1000ml

Bundle Contains: Color Endure Conditioner LitreColor Endure Shampoo Litre

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Color Endure Conditioner
The biggest myth in the hair market these days? That all you need is a good shampoo to fight the fade of beautiful hair color. In fact it softens and protects your coif, while locking in the moisture that helps maintain true hue and vibrancy.

Perfect choice for: Those with color-treated hair looking to preserve the integrity of both shade and depth.

Color Endure Shampoo
When you’ve spent good money on a first-rate color service (we know full well those numbers are nothing to sneeze at), then doesn’t it make sense to go the distance and bring home a product that protects your investment? What’s more, redheads – the hardest hit in the fade department – will love the fact that it maintains their scarlet hue by a full 88%. (That’s not a number to sneeze at, either.)

Perfect choice for: Any color-treated hair that wants a thorough wash without fear of stripping, tonal changes, or fading.

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